SVOG Awards Close-Out

Many of you have been recipients of a Shuttered Venue Operators’ Grant (SVOG) and have most likely submitted your finalized budget.  Your NATR board has checked with the SBA to determine specifically what we can expect as a “next” step and the answer was quite simple.  If your agency received under $750,000, you will not need an audit. Your next step is to wait for contact from your “Your Grants Management Specialist” who will have information about your award closeout.

The SVOG award closeout process has three steps: (1) The Begin Closeout – Expense Report Action Item, (2) the Complete Closeout – SF-425 Action Item, and (3) the SBA’s notification that the award has been closed. These steps are described in more detail in the Post Application Guidance for SVOG applicants (

If your award was in excess of $750,000, you will be required to complete a third-party audit. Updated technical assistance resources related to the audit requirements may be found on the SBA website, or by clicking here:  Audit  Requirements

Please visit  to stay abreast of updates.  You may receive status updates via your SVOG portal account as well.   

We hope you have found this information helpful.

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