NY DCWP Renewal Notices

The NYC DCWP (formerly DCA) is now sending talent agency license renewal notices in the mail. You should have gotten yours by now. If you did not, please contact the DCWP right away. In preparation for completing your renewal application, please read all of the information below:

What you will need to renew your license:

  • Completed Renewal License Application 
  • Proof of Bond 
  • Theatrical Employment Agency Renewal Self-Certification Form
  • A check made payable to the DCWP in an amount reflecting the number of employees (This is explained on the application)

There are two versions of the Self-Certification Form. Be sure to provide the correct Self-Certification Form.

1. Theatrical Employment Agency Renewal Self-Certification – This six-page document is for agencies that have previously submitted a Self-Certification and have not undergone any changes in ownership/officers or Employment Agency Manager. 

2. Theatrical Employment Agency Full Form Self-Certification – This Self-Certification includes four parts and is a 14-page document. Submit this Self-Certification if you have not previously submitted a Self-Certification in 2020 or your agency has undergone ownership changes. If your Talent Agency has not been previously licensed – you must also complete the Basic-License-Application.

Contact info for the DCWP:

PHONE -(renewal unit):  212-487-2353

ONLINE: [email protected]

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